The Artist ~ To Eunice Anteh

There she sits

with a smile

that pierces hearts

like a lily of the fields she charms

at her sights I stumble and stammer

speaking in tongues? I know not.

with a motherly look she watches

the beads as they fall

falling in places to become bracelets

anklets and necklaces

in that corner she sits

with artistic pulchritude and dexterity

with captives from no war

and then again she smiles

like the sun, her sun, her smile travels miles

and though we be apart, I feel her

the resplendence of her smile feeds on my despondence

and then the dimples

that tell of a puerile simplicity.

Tossing her hair,

she raises her head

this time around to hum

with a voice whose melodies die in the heart.

  • Jacob Albin Korem Alhassan (2013)

This is a gift from my wonderful friend and it is added to his first poetry collection Unsung Songs available on Amazon.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 4.55.24 PM


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