• My Guardian Angel

    My Guardian Angel

    My Guardian Angel You have that little loud voice My first counselor and companion You are invisible yet everywhere You always have the answer You speak first to every approach I can trust you each day for a miracle In the middle of my indecisiveness, I feel your presence You are a gift to uphold You linger in… Read more

  • The Artist ~ To Eunice Anteh

    The Artist ~ To Eunice Anteh

    There she sits with a smile that pierces hearts like a lily of the fields she charms at her sights I stumble and stammer speaking in tongues? I know not. with a motherly look she watches the beads as they fall falling in places to become bracelets anklets and necklaces in that corner she sits… Read more

  • The Bee Farmer’s Diary

    The Bee Farmer’s Diary

    I have always looked out for diverse ways on how I can contribute positively to my society. I believe we can only show our love by giving a smile, a hand or voice. It’s so magical to see the cute bee produce the sweetest and nutritious food “honey”. My passion for beekeeping grew when I… Read more

  • On the Love Day

    On the Love Day

    I love music I love art They tell the mysteries unspoken Calm, emotional and searches deeper Speaks loud to imaginations and heart. I love love Is love felt once? love will just be enough but we barely had enough Love can’t be felt without risk It takes you away from the physical the one truth… Read more

  • The Poet

    The Poet

    The great lonely man The world is yet to discover. Full with verse, innovation and great care for humanity In the request to appreciate lifestyle And keep up with the hope of God’s grace This incredible chap Perch at the soft epoch To set down expressions from the heart Assorted with academia, romance and, social… Read more

  • My Royal

    My Royal

    At the window of my abode I stand in a moment of coyness as I surrender my verses to you. Your presence carries a baggage of sweet aroma of honesty and attitude I tickle by your gesture of determination and self-confidence In your brightest grin, you made me glow like a beam You are warrior… Read more

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