“Life without love for ourselves and neighbour is nothing”

Eunice Anteh is the founder and executive director of Ohemaa Honey Limited, a beekeeping business that produces, supplies and markets high quality honey at an economic cost. Ohemaa Honey Limited seeks to increase the consumption of natural honey for its health benefits, create job opportunities and promote environmental conservation. Over the past 3 years, she has been self-learning and consulting a professional beekeeper about honey bee farming which has helped in the management of this business.

Eunice started petty trading as at the age of 18, when she made beaded accessories, African print bags and other fashion accessories and sell to her friends and neighbours as a way of having fun, building her inner courage and engaging people in her community. She is passionate about social entrepreneurship, women’s health and environmental conservation and contributes to critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and to be a sustainable tool for solving community challenges and development.

She is currently a graduate student of University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada studying Masters in Health Science program. She graduated from the University of Ghana with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration major in Health Sciences Management.  Her volunteer experience and academic work has exposed her to gender related issues and opportunity to make a difference by providing healthcare for the less-privilege people in rural Ghana. Eunice also served as an account clerk and international relations officer with Springs College, Ghana which enhanced her business and management skills. She is result oriented, manages time well, and show a good work ethic.

Eunice values working with people for a purpose and blends high-energy, humor, and encouragement with motivation while attracting anyone she meets with a smile.


“Laughing gives me strength and reason to keep going”

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