The Bee Farmer’s Diary

I have always looked out for diverse ways on how I can contribute positively to my society. I believe we can only show our love by giving a smile, a hand or voice. It’s so magical to see the cute bee produce the sweetest and nutritious food “honey”. My passion for beekeeping grew when I discovered the amazing way bees produced honey, its health benefits and how it contributes to our green environment. In my pursuit to learn more, I have read several books and consulted local and professional beekeepers. My first visit to the farm was a hands-on experience on setting up hives for the bees.


In the pursuit to learn more, I have read some books and consulted local and professional beekeepers. Currently, a member of the Lethbridge Bee Enthusiast Club, Alberta, Canada. It a monthly meet-up with a group of beekeepers, prospective beekeepers and those enthusiastic about bees to share ideas and discuss how we can contribute to society. 


I started Ohemaa Honey with some local beekeepers in Ghana to produce and supply honey and other hive products to local consumers and neighboring countries which have been amazing although challenging due to inadequate resources and lack of modern technical skills. I am working on developing a training program for local beekeepers to equip them knowledge in harnessing new technologies to increase returns on investment.

Supplying and marketing of honey have enlightened my knowledge around business management, agriculture, and social inclusion. Customers have contributed to the continuous improvement of the products, gained skills and knowledge from professional mentors as well as support from family and friends.



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