The Bee Farmer’s Diary

I have always looked out for diverse ways on how I can contribute positively to my society. I believe we can only show our love by giving a smile, a hand or voice. It’s so magical to see the cute bee produce the sweetest and nutritious food “honey”. My passion for beekeeping grew when I discovered the amazing way bees produced honey, its health benefits and how it contributes to our green environment. In my pursuit to learn more, I have read several books and consulted local and professional beekeepers. My first visit to the farm was a hands-on experience on setting up hives for the bees.

In the pursuit to learn more, I have read some books and consulted local and professional beekeepers. I joined the Lethbridge Bee Enthusiast Club, Alberta, Canada. It a monthly meet-up with a group of beekeepers, prospective beekeepers and those enthusiastic about bees to share ideas and discuss how we can contribute to society. 

Ohemaa Hive Enterprise

Ohemaa Honey Limited produces supplies and markets honey and beehive products. We are dedicated to increasing the consumption of natural honey products due to its health benefits and encouraging beekeeping.  Ohemaa Honey is currently working with local beekeepers to produce honey and to diversify into other hive products such as royal jelly, and propolis and increase our production for export, farm gate sales and improve packaging and promotional activities.  We are a social enterprise that strives to raise income for rural farmers. Our company is known to produce 100% natural high-quality honey from virgin forests at an economical cost. It acts efficiently and effectively to uphold standards and encourage a green environment. Our cooperative business seeks to develop rural communities in Ghana and encourage more significant opportunities for youth and women participate in agricultural activities.

Our vision is to make Ohemaa Honey part of the household recipe. We have developed a training program for local beekeepers. This training programme is aimed at equipping them with the knowledge in harnessing new technologies to increase return on investment. Almost all the equipment and facilities to operate and maintain the beehives are labour-intensive for extracting, storing and packing honey. It seeks to provide educational services to individuals, groups and communities on the health issues and environmental conservation related to bees and honey.

Our marketing strategy for the years ahead includes diversity in pollen, candles, and royal jelly sales, increasing our production for export, farm gate sales and improving packaging and promotional activities. We are open to the suggestions of our consumers for continuous improvement and product innovation. To increase business profit and build off-farm investment strategies such as educational/ consulting services, floral gardens, and others. Supplying and marketing of honey have enlightened my knowledge of business management, agriculture, and social inclusion. Customers have contributed to the continuous improvement of the products, and gained skills and knowledge from professional mentors as well as support from family and friends.


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