My Royal

At the window of my abode
I stand in a moment of coyness as I surrender my verses to you.

Your presence carries a baggage of sweet aroma of honesty and attitude
I tickle by your gesture of determination and self-confidence
In your brightest grin, you made me glow like a beam

You are warrior in cloak
You’re  forthcoming, you’re forbearing
You don’t quiver at delayed sunrises
Even when it cost you everything, you do your best
In your incorruptible guise comes fortune

Bow out not your faith, there lies your strength
Don’t quit dreaming, there are castles to be built
In love’s light, it’s a feeling yet a bidding
With heartfelt affinity, I wish you more than all else
In all, you’ll remain the favorite song in the purest memories of many.

Eunice Anteh • 2016


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